“Christina's intuitive touch and senses go way beyond that of an ordinary massage therapist. When she works, she is totally focused on the needs of your body, and is incredibly supportive and positive throughout your session. I have received massage and craniosacral work from her for some time now, and since we've been working exclusively with craniosacral, I have come to love this work from her the most. She is currently helping me with an old tailbone injury, as well as some healing work in the jaw and mouth after I had a root canal. I had an abscess and bone loss in the jaw, and severe nighttime teeth grinding. After a session with Christina, my jaw feels notably relaxed, and I have more awareness of my clenching and grinding, even as I sleep. I feel that craniosacral should be an integral part of any dental work. After my last craniosacral session, I felt happier, lighter, and more peaceful than I have in a notably long time. Christina is a true healer, and anyone who has  physical or emotional pain would benefit from her work.”

~Miranda G.

After months and months of being unable to squat without my right knee hurting, I had Christina give me a healing massage. She focused on the muscles on the back of my right thigh, and wow! after just one massage, the problem was solved. Miracle? I don't know. But I do know that Christina works on many levels simultaneously, and the results of the work I've had from her over the last three years have kept me coming back. Thank you Christina.”


“Christina's touch and innate ability to heal is something I have not experienced anywhere else. I treasure my sessions with her. I had not heard of the Craniosacral modality until meeting Christina...it is unique and I feel privileged to experience the process from her intuitive hands. It gives me great pleasure to  refer someone to her....she is a gift.”


“I usually see Christina after a stressful day at work and when I leave the massage I am usually walking straighter, feel totally relaxed and more at peace.  She has a calm presence and is gifted on releasing tension in tight and painful areas. Every time I see Christina, she makes me feel like the massage is catered exactly for me, everything from her choice in oils to music... her room is also a very calming atmosphere.  I would recommend her to anyone who is needing a massage, her prices are also extremely reasonable.”

~S F

“Christina has a natural healing energy and touch to her craniosacral work – I’ve never experienced anything like it!  Every time I leave I feel like I’m walking on clouds.” 

~Amy O

"Every session that I have had with Christina is wonderfully memorable. Her work is comforting and so deeply relaxing. She works with her whole heart and really cares about her clients well being. I look forward to more!"

~T L

“Christina has a very open and gentle presence about her. For the last 5 months of my pregnancy I came to see her and she provided me the kind of balance and peace I needed to bring this new life into this world. I recommend Christina as a pregnancy massage therapist, as she is very knowledgeable about the pregnancy process and bodily changes pregnant woman experience.”

~Leah B

“I have known Christina for many years now, and use her services for myself and my family.  I am an acupuncturist and massage therapist as well and I have a lot of experience with different therapists. Christina stands out for her intuitive understanding of the problem at hand and her genuine and caring touch.  She can work in many areas of massage therapy and is a wonderful Craniosacral therapist.  I would recommend Christina to anyone in need of some bodywork.  And her jewelry is as good as her massage!”

~Jim C, L.Ac., MTCM

“I met Christina in July 2005 during a business trip to San Diego.  Her insight into sensing, knowing and providing the appropriate treatment for balancing one's spirit and body is superb!  Her Reiki treatment always leaves me energized and clears my head especially after traveling cross country.  If you are lucky enough to be in the San Diego area, treat yourself and experience the joy that Christina can bring to your life!”

-Audrey. S.

“After my car accident, my back, neck, and shoulders hurt; and I had a pretty bad headache.  I didn’t realize how much (even a relatively small accident) would have such a big impact on me.  Christina gave me a series of massage sessions, and customized everything she did - just for me.  She puts a lot into her work, and she is very loving too.  I started feeling better after the first session, and after the fifth, was as good as new.  Christina is wonderful!”  -Jacklyn H.

“After many years and many massage therapists later, I found Christina!  Her gentle and calm spirit combined with her healing technique have alleviated my chronic pain.  She has been trained to offer many different techniques.....what works for me is a combination Swedish massage and energy work.  I will be moving to Colorado soon and hope to find someone like Christina...it will not be an easy task!!”

~Beverly E.

“Christina is an extremely gifted and intuitive healer.  I struggled for 11 years with TMJ, suffering almost daily from headaches, sometimes migraines and such severe jaw pain that I was prone to taking at least 6 Advil a day. My first Reiki/Energy session with her completely cured all symptoms, which no western practice seemed able to do.  Although I now live over two hours away from her practice, I continue to have regular sessions with Christina for maintenance or as issues come up.  I particularly love her gentle craniosacral work which has released much misalignment as well as old trauma/issues.  Her gift for massage therapy is also sacred.   In the past I would normally tense up when receiving a massage, but her intuitive touch guides my body to find and release tension I'm usually not even aware of holding.  Thank you Christina for your beautiful healing work!”


"Christina is fantastic!  It is apparent that she is absolutely passionate about what she does.  Every time I have worked with her she seems to intuitively sense exactly what my body wants that day.  I have been thoroughly impressed with the range of techniques that she has at her disposal.  And, she is extremely professional in how she conducts her business.  I highly recommend her services!"                                          -Gregory S.,  M.D.

“After having an all too common partial dislocation of my shoulder while surfing, (this time in Hawaii on the inside bowl of Lahaina in booming surf,) I decided to take the advice of another surfer and look Christina up.  I was very much impressed by her deep understanding of the intricate anatomy of the upper back and shoulder layers.  We focused on opening up the supporting areas of that muscle group.  She recommended exercises to aid in further strengthening specific areas and combined this with her healing massage.  Christina is an ace!  I'd recommend any surfer who is experiencing issues with their back, neck or shoulders to visit her.”  -John L.